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Title "An evening sail"
Artist Ernest Parton  (1845-1933) New York
Medium Oil on canvas

Art: 16" x 24"
Overall: 22.5" x 30.5"

Description Nicely done landscape by well listed New York artist Ernest Parton. This painting has been lightly cleaned and varnished and is ready to hang. It is presented in a gilt wood finished corner frame of the era. Circa late 1800's.

Ernest Parton was the younger brother of Arthur, in whose studio he spent two winters. However, he received no instruction in art from regular masters or in any schools. He was elected a member of the Artists' Fund Society of New York in 1873, contributing one work each year to its sales. In 1873, he traveled to Europe for the purposes of spending a few months mainly in Great Britain, but, meeting with success in London, he decided to remain, exhibiting at the Royal Academy and elsewhere.

In 1876 he visited the Swiss Lakes and Northern Italy, making many sketches. He returned to New York in 1884 through 1886. Among his most notable paintings are: Morning Mist, exhibited at the National Academy (NAD) in New York, and the following exhibited at the Royal Academy in London: Papa's Lunch, The Placid Stream, Sunny September, Poet's Corner, The Silent Pool, Reflections, and The Duck Pond.
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Artists' Fund Society, Royal Institute of Painters, London
Alpine Society, Dowsdell Galleries Earl's Court, 1897 Edinburgh, 1886
Fine Art Society, London Glasgow Institute of Art Grosvenor Galleries 1875-1880
Manchester City Art Gallery, Manchester Jubilee, 1887
National Academy of Design 1866-97
New English Art Gallery, 1893
New Gallery, London Paris Exhibitions 1889 & 1900
Paris Salon 1892 & 1894
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts 1905
Royal Society of British Artists Royal Academy, Birmingham Royal Academy 1875- 1932
Royal Hibernian Society, Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Toothe, Arthur & Sons, Twilight, 1893, Walker Art Galley, Liverpool
South Kensington Museum, Tate Gallery, Walker Art Gallery, Reading Museum, Salford Museum, Sunderland Museum
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Title Sunset waves
Artist R.S. Hillman   1850's New York
Medium Oil on canvas  signed/dated ll

Art: 16" x 20"
Overall: 22" x 26"

Description Nicely done seascape of waves crashing on the rocks with the sun setting and sail boats on the horizon. Signed R. Hillman and dated 1907 and dated lower left. Most likely R.S. Hillman New York artist born (1852- ? ) Painting has been lightly cleaned and is presented in one of our finished corner antique finish cove frames.
Pricing SOLD



Title Horseman
Artist B.L. Collins (British circa 1900's)
Medium Oil on canvas signed and dated lr

Art: 18" x 12"
Overall: 21" x 15"

Description Vertical Orientalist  painting of a warrior on horseback
Nicely done oil on canvas signed and dated lr B.L. Collins 1911 most likely B.L Collins British artist. Artwork has been cleaned and is presented in the original gilt wood embossed frame.
Pricing SOLD



Title "An old friend"
Artist American School unsigned
Medium Oil on artist slate board

Art: 26" x 21"
Overall: 31" x 27"

Description Nicely done Saint Bernard dog painting with character. Circa late 1800's, done on artist slate board. Presented in original Victorian style cove this piece makes a nice package. Artwork has been cleaned and frame was spruced up so the piece is now ready for hanging.
Pricing SOLD



Title "Patiently Waiting"
Artist W.C. Harris  (British)
Medium Oil on slate board

Art: 8" x 12"
Overall: 14.5" x 18.5"

Description Oil on slate board by listed British dog artist W. C. Harris circa 1916 Pair of King Charles Spaniels patiently waiting for the master by her hat. Signed and dated lr and presented in original 22K gold frame with "King Charles Spaniels" inscription on the frame. Artwork has been cleaned and varnished, original frame has been freshen up and the Artwork is read to hang.
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